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Battery and WEEE recycling and disposal: Bespoke WEEE disposal

Should you have individual 'WEEE' items that need to be disposed of, simply select the appropriate items on our bespoke WEEE list and email it to us. In addition please complete the contact form a the bottom of the page. We will then contact you to arrange a convenient time for a collection. Please note that there is a minimum collection chage of £115.00 + VAT. Prices illustrated include the consignment note fees and Environment Agency levy where applicable.

Special Notes:

Should a consignment of waste consist of more than 200kg in weight a hazardous waste registration number may be required prior to a collection being made. Please view our Hazardous Waste Registration page.

Should you have any queries regarding this matter or require further assistance in registration, please do not hesitate to contact our office where we will be glad to help.

How the Bespoke WEEE Disposal service works

  1. Select the type and quantity of product required in the form below.
  2. Fill in your contact details
  3. We will be in touch promptly

** Please note there is a MINIMUM total charge of £115 + VAT**

CODE Description Cost Quantity Total
KW001 Complete Computer £17.50
KW002 Base Unit £6.00
KW003 Printer-Small Desktop £6.00
KW004 Printer-Medium £22.50
KW005 Printer-Large Fax Stand Alone £105.00
KW006 CRT £12.50
KW007 Tumble Dryer £30.00
KW008 Washing Machine £30.00
KW009 Dish Washer £30.00
KW010 Fridge less than 1.20 mt High £30.00
KW011 Fridge Freezer £45.00
KW012 Chest Freezer POA
KW013 Water Coolers £30.00
KW014 Ovens £30.00
KW015 Hobs £30.00
KW016 Extractor Hoods £30.00
KW017 Lawn Mower £16.00
KW018 Small Domestic Appliance £2.50
KW019 Telephone No Battery £2.50
KW020 Mobile Phone £2.50
KW021 Electric Heater £4.00
KW022 Night Storge Heater  POA
KW023 Hand Held video Game £3.50
KW024 Musical Instruments £12.50
KW025 Electric Organ £50.00
KW026 Electric Amplifier £16.50
KW027 Mains Powered Calculator £2.50
KW028 Desk FAN £4.00
KW029 Internal Air Conditioning Unit £30.00
KW030 External Air Colling Unit £45.00
KW031 Modular Light Fitting Non Emergency  £4.00
KW032 Batten Light Fitting £4.00
KW033 Modular Light Fitting with Emergency battery  £6.60
KW034 Hi Bay Light Fittings £8.50
KW035 Lo Bay Light Fittings £8.50
KW036 Laminator £4.00
KW037 Consumer Unit £3.50
KW038 Hi Fi £3.50
KW039 DIY Tools £4.00
KW040 Car Radio £2.50
KW041 Microwave £4.00
KW042 Vending Machines POA
KW043 Vacuum Cleaner £5.85
KW044 Lap Top c/w Battery Pack £11.50
KW045 Battery Charger £1.75
KW046 Cam Corder £5.00
KW047 Hand Dryer £3.50
KW048 Water Heater £3.50
KW049 Gas Boiler £50.00
KW050 Shredder £10.00
KW051 Fire Panel £3.50
KW052 CCTV Cameras £5.00
KW053 HI Bays  £8.50
KW054 Projectors LCD £16.50
KW055 Over Head Projector £25.00


Address: Postcode:
Delivery Address:
(If different to above)
Hazardous Waste Registration (HWR)
number (if applicable)
Purchase Order No:    


All prices are exclusive of VAT. Prices quoted may vary dependant on area of delivery and collection required.

Please contact us for further details: Karraway Limited. 1 Folly Close, Radlett, Hertfordshire, WD7 8DR
Tel: 020 8236 0108 Fax: 01978 716723 Email: info@karraway.co.uk

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