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Hazardous waste disposal services


Waste Services

With waste production growing year on year in Britain, recent environmental legislations have placed increased responsibility on the waste producers themselves.

This means it is now your duty to identify your waste and determine in what way it should be handled and treated or when possible recycled.

As well as "traditional" recycling (i.e. paper glass and metals) it now makes commercial sense to reduce and recycle all forms of waste:

Computer Recycling Services

Collection, recycling, recovery of computer systems, monitors, peripherals and other electronic goods.

Chemical Waste Disposal

Chemical and toxic waste disposal and information on hazardous & special waste streams and how to manage them.

Fluorescent Tube Recycling

Please refer to the Fluorescent Tube recycling and disposal section of our website.

Electrical Waste Recycling

White goods, brown goods, all types of electrical goods collected, treated and recycled.

Battery Recycling

Treatment and recycling of batteries and power cells - all types, makes, shapes and sizes.

Toxic Waste

Many chemical waste streams are highly toxic and pose a serious threat to the environment. Karraway Limited specialises in safe collection and treatment of all forms of hazardous and difficult waste materials.

Special Waste

Where a waste stream does not fall into a specific categaory we cater for all special wastes and licenced to carry and process 99% of industrial waste streams.


Please contact us for further details: Karraway Limited. 1 Folly Close, Radlett, Hertfordshire, WD7 8DR
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