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Fluorescent tube recycling and fluorescent tube disposal

Fluorescent Tube Recycling and Disposal Overview

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    Increasingly redundant fluorescent tubes are becoming a disposal nightmare for offices and factories. Fluorescent tubes are categorised as hazardous waste and as such cannot be disposed of through the normal waste stream in any real quantity. If you are not already experiencing some difficulty in disposing of your redundant fluorescent tubes you will do so in the future.

    The Environment Agency is very concerned about the increasing pollutants contained in fluorescent tubes and sodium lamps and is restricting the disposal of these contaminants to selective disposal sites. In fact many sites allowed to take fluorescent tubes are placing a number of restrictions in how they will accept them

    Apart from the increasing difficulty in the disposal of fluorescent tubes there are health hazards associated in their handling. For example an employee attempting to dispose of a fluorescent tube in a skip is exposed to the potential of flying glass. Additionally a small amount of toxic materials including lead and mercury are present and may be released as dust or vapour which could be inadvertently inhaled. All in all it can be a nasty experience and who needs it!!

    Fluorescent Tube Recycling and Disposal Solution

    Our fluorescent tube recycling program takes care of these issues by disposing of your spent lighting with the least impact on our environment. Additionally implementation of our recycling program will assist in ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification.

    We offer a nationwide collection program for small and large quantities of fluorescent tubes and bulbs. Please see our selection of containers suitable for most types of spent lighting. Should the containers illustrated not be suitable for your specific requirements, or if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Please contact us for further details: Karraway Limited. 1 Folly Close, Radlett, Hertfordshire, WD7 8DR
    Tel: 020 8236 0108 Fax: 01978 716723 Email: info@karraway.co.uk

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