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How do I arrange for our waste paper to be collected and recycled?

We offer a paper collection and recycling service which would be tailor made to suit your requirements.
To enable us to offer you this type of service, we will need to know a little about your company.

For example you will need to let us know what type of waste paper you want to recycle and how often you want collections.

We will also need to know how large your company is and the approximate volume of waste you think you will generate.

The more information you can let us have the easier it will be for us to suggest a recycling package for you.

For further information and assistance, please visit our FAQ page about our paper recycling services .
Additionally please have a look at our products page which will have a selection of recycling bins and containers for storing waste paper.

Finally, just email us your requirements via our Enquiry form and we will advise you the best way to proceed.

How do I arrange for our confidential waste to be collected?
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